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  • Marine Cargo Terminal
    MCT is located at the northeast shore of HKIA at Chek Lap Kok (CLK) and occupies 14,000 sq.m. of land with 450 meters quay front for berthing. The minimum water depth along the berths is about 4 meters. A number of barges can be berthing at the same time.

    The major facilities of MCT consist of:
    A column-free dis-assembly workshop with a gross floor area of 1,000 sq.m. is specially designed for the air cargo handling and operating under all weather conditions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The annual handling capacity of this workshop is 150,000 tonnes. The six-meter wide canopy over the truck loading and unloading area prevents cargo from wet damage.

    An office shed with an area of 700 sq.m. for those administrative staff of CKSA, Customs & Excise Department and other shipping companies is located next to the workshop. The close layout of workshop and C&E examination hall is planned so forklift can travel through a covered linkage.

    A container yard occupying 2,700 sq.m. is located at the south of the terminal which is equipped with sufficient tie down for protection in case of typhoon attack.

    MCT is not only equipped two fully hydraulic crawler cranes for the handling of various air cargo but also under surveillance by security guards as well as the CCTV system. Besides, the whole MCT is classified as restricted area and access is limited to authorized persons or entities.

    Convenient, Secure and Low Costing Services
    By operating MCT, CKSA instigated another low cost & reliable alternative of inter-modal cargo delivery mode to those logistics services providers in Hong Kong. Being the pioneer in the industry, CKSA can offer comprehensive one-stop-shop, door-to-door cargo delivery services between Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta Region.

    1. Convenient
    All Customers have to do is just dialing up to CKSA hotline or faxing in Booking Note, then CKSA will do the rest of coordination both in the PRD and MCT including cargo pick up/delivery, terminals handling, barge referral, container and loading/unloading. Furthermore, all cargo can be cleared electronically prior to the schedule time of arrival/departure and CKSA conducts the physical examination job task on behalf of the Customers if required. Only one clearance will be carried out for all the transshipment cargo before the departure while the cargo arrived in Hong Kong.

    2. Secure
    As to provide the services safely, efficiently and effectively, CKSA has custom-made plenty of 10ft containers more suitable for air cargo consolidation nature. All cargo can be loaded into containers before dispatch to ensure the cargo security. The truck fleet of MCT provides the cargo delivery and pick up services to and fro the customers' door directly.

    3. Low Costing
    CKSA makes use of all scheduled barges shuttling between PRD regions currently operated by CKSE so as to provide a low costing union transportation service to the Customers. As a result, their overall transportation cost can be highly reduced.



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